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Fostering Care and Compassion

Asheville, NC

Cottage Hill Recovery is a sober living community for women in the city of Asheville. Effective support is needed to obtain a sense of well-being and safety in order to free us from the pain of addiction.


Our founders, Jon Clarke, M.Ed., LCAS and Chris Hart, MSW, LCAS maintain current licensure with the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board and provide both clinical and executive oversight in a mental health licensed facility in the city of Asheville. The skills and experience associated with these credentials provide inherent benefits at the transitional living level-of-care.


For our residents, we have created programming that is structured transitional living built upon a therapeutic framework. As such, this is designed for sustainable long-term recovery and is steeped in 12-step support, relapse prevention, appropriate coping strategies, and community-oriented living. The focus here is on life skills and transition back into independent living.

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Sober Living Community For Women


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