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Fostering Care and Compassion

Candler, NC

Cottage Hill Recovery is a sober living community for women in the city of Candler, NC. Effective support is needed to obtain a sense of well-being and safety in order to free us from the pain of addiction.


Cottage Hill was founded by Jon Clarke, M. Ed, LCAS and Christopher Hart, LCAS, to be a structured sober living that focuses on the recovery of the individual in a nurturing community. Owner Danielle Guinn has worked for years in sober living and substance abuse, and understands the intricacies of women’s care.  Cottage Hill Recovery approaches recovery from an individualized perspective with the hope of nurturing the strengths of each woman, and helping them to achieve long term recovery.


At Cottage Hill, a therapeutic approach is used to help to heal the individual from the inside out. Cottage Hill Recovery understands the need for clinical services in early recovery, which can be offered to all our residents.  Our program utilizes licensed clinician Joy Molina, MA, LPCA, LCAS-A who specializes in an array of modalities to ensure a grounded and healing approach to the individual. Our goal is to ensure that all aspects of the recovering individual are cared for and to help them learn to love themselves throughout their process.

About Cottage Hill

Other services offered at Cottage Hill Recovery include:

  • Case Management
  • Community Living
  • 12 Step Bonding
  • Meditation and Breath Work Classes
  • Transportation
  • Live-In Management
  • Life Skills
  • Transitional Support
  • Gym Access
  • Monthly assessment of progress and goal attainment
  • Tutoring for GED-High school equivalency and entry level testing for community college or University entrance
  • Post Stay Monitoring
  • Weekly Parent Updates
  • Access to clinical and medical support
  • Access to area support outlets
  • Social Support Access

Sober Living Community For Women


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